Woman of Influence: Andrea Barker

Andrea Barker, HB&A Architects On any given day, you might see Downtown resident Andrea Barker pedaling down Tejon Street in heels with her skirt flowing in the breeze. Barker is big on the environment. She composts, has no grass in her yard, grows a vegetable garden, and rides her bike almost everywhere. But browbeating about sustainability […]

Woman of Influence: Kathryn Young

Kathryn Young, Colorado Springs City Clerk City Clerk Kathryn Young is rightfully proud of her many achievements since she entered public service three decades ago. But she takes special pride in something that has nothing to do with government — and everything to do with making Colorado Springs a better, and sweeter-sounding, place. She and […]

Woman of Influence: Jane Young

Jane Young, financial planner, Rotary president Jane Young turned a life-long love for money matters into a successful business as a Colorado Springs financial planner. But her advice, expertise and leadership aren’t limited to her clients. Young has strived to share those talents with the Colorado Springs business community in an effort to improve her […]

Woman of Influence: Jocelyn Colvin Wall

Jocelyn Colvin Wall, senior VP, American National Bank Jocelyn Colvin Wall might cringe at the word “pioneer,” but when you’re the first at something, the term fits. When Colvin Wall came to Colorado Springs in 1970s looking for a banking job to support herself and her four-year-old daughter, she broke into the commercial lending department […]

Woman of Influence: Dee Vazquez

Dee Vazquez, community relations manager, Pikes Peak Library District Dee Vazquez was destined to work at a library. Her grandmother had worked for libraries since the 1930s. Then her mother did, too. Vazquez picked up the torch in 2001 when she joined the Pikes Peak Library District as the marketing coordinator. “My family has been […]

Woman of Influence: Lonzie Symonette

Lonzie Symonette, chaplain, Pikes Peak Hospice We sometimes say that leaders are born. The truth is, they are — but generally not on the day of their natural birth. The Rev. Lonzie Symonette clearly recalls the day of her birth as a leader. The year: 1973. “I was sitting in my kitchen, working on what […]

Woman of Influence: Janet Suthers

Janet Suthers, executive director, Colorado Springs Leadership Institute If at times it appears that Janet Suthers has a lot on her plate, she comes by multi-tasking honestly. “I’d have to say my mother was far and away the biggest influence on my life,” says the executive director of the Colorado Springs Leadership Institute (among other […]

Woman of Influence: Pat Ruffini

Pat Ruffini, executive director, Colorado Springs Teen Court Pat Ruffini thinks it’s a good idea to let teens take the law into their own hands. And she has the statistics to back up her beliefs. She is executive director of the Colorado Springs Teen Court, a program that lets teens charged with minor offenses — […]

Woman of Influence: Beth Roalstad

Beth Roalstad, executive director, Women’s Resource Agency Beth Roalstad admits she can be a tough opponent when it comes to debating issues she’s passionate about. That’s because she got many early lessons in debate around the kitchen table while growing up. “My parents and I have always been on opposite sides of a lot of […]

Woman of Influence: Susan Presti

Susan Presti, community relations manager, Colorado Springs Utilities Being the face of Colorado Springs Utilities has its advantages, especially when leading a community-improvement activity. In her self-described third career, CSU’s Community Relations Manager Susan Presti has found a perfect fit with a company integral to the city and heavily involved in civic projects. “It’s one […]