Unanswered questions about the Nerd Herd

I’ve noticed two things lately; first that everybody is going nerdy with their iPads, Xooms, and laptops. Second; today’s nerd customer service needs are under served. Now that we’re working from home or launching side businesses (because no one is sure they’ll have a job from week to week,) the need for free wi-fi and […]

IT salaries expected to increase dramatically in 2012

Mobile media is creating a demand for professionals who can help companies beef up their mobile presence. That’s creating more information technology jobs, according to a 2012 salary guide from Robert Half Technology. Companies also want access to increasing amounts of data, more secure networks and ways to grow online collaboration, the report said. “The […]

Tech Talk: Losing my (OS) Religion

Behold the great conundrum: After you choose Mac or PC for your office network, which operating system (OS) should you pick for your mobile devices? Do you go with Droid, Windows or iPhone, and what mobile OS works best with each laptop OS? Operating systems loyalists have created something akin to a religion about their […]

The problem with overseas tech support

It’s obvious that technology jobs have been outsourced to India and other developing nations. The U.S. technology community watched sadly as hundreds of thousands of technology projects, development hours and maintenance contracts moved to the other side of the world. But I’m not worried, even though many think I should be. Here’s why: I understand […]

How many techs does it take to make e-mail work?

It seems like a simple enough request: Please make my email work every time I want it. But it’s easier said than done my friends. Unfortunately, email is a complicated and inefficient system that tends to break in a lot of places. Let me take a few minutes to show you why, and when to […]

UCCS flexing its technological muscles

UCCS physics professor Anatoliy Glushchenko is building a bridge he hopes will lead to growth of high-tech companies in Colorado Springs. He calls the bridge the Center for Innovation in Biophysics and Energy Research, Advanced Technologies and Optical Materials, or CiBER-ATOM. It links the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and the area’s high-tech industry […]

Barnes & Noble’s new Nook e-reader is a tablet

Barnes & Noble is upgrading its Nook e-reader line with a device that’s less like an e-reader and more like a full-blown tablet, taking up the fight with Amazon as it is set to launch its Kindle Fire tablet. Barnes & Noble Inc. revealed the Nook Tablet at an event Monday in New York, and […]

Is location awareness software a boom or bust?

It was just a few years ago that I was asked to be the “Social Media Czar” for an agency. As embarrassing as the title was, I accepted and got to work teaching the staff how to use it on behalf of clients. The staff was excited, management was rubbing their hands together in anticipation […]

Product forecast: Cloudy with a chance of confusion

Recently, Apple rolled out a big iPhone software upgrade that included an invitation to participate in iCloud, which I thought that was a pretty cool thing. Here it is, a special cloud just for all of my Apple devices, where photos move from my phone to my iPad automatically. So, of course, I said yes. […]

In naming female CEO, IBM passes gender milestone

IBM Corp. has passed a milestone, naming the first female CEO in the company’s 100-year history. The selection of Virginia “Ginni” Rometty, announced Tuesday, is also a statement about the growing influence of women in the top tiers of business. Although women have made momentous strides, breaking through corporate America’s “glass ceiling” over the past […]

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