Build lasting team trust

We have many hopes and points of view about trust in our teams. We want it, but often do not know how to get it. And if we get it, we often don’t know how to keep it. So what ends up happening is the we believe trust is possible, and wishfully think it will […]

Maxx HD Sunglasses, official supplier for Major League Baseball

This week, Maxx HD Sunglasses shipped its first order of sunglasses stamped with the logos of Major League Baseball teams to baseball stadiums across the country, including Coors Field in Denver. In a partnership with Major League Baseball, the Monument-based sunglasses supplier becomes the official supplier of MLB franchise logo sunglasses and hopes to double […]

MMJ dispensaries left with few options after bank bill dies

Colorado medical marijuana business owners are turning their attention to Congressional lawmakers for banking relief now that a Colorado proposal to create their industry’s own financial institution was killed on Valentine’s Day. Sen. Pat Steadman’s, D-Denver, proposal to create a financial cooperative for medical marijuana businesses was postponed indefinitely by the Senate’s Finance Committee. It […]

Book Review: “Against Thrift”

By James Livingston The bill for the holiday spending spree came the other day, delivered by an industrial-sized forklift. Okay, not quite, but it sure seemed like it. That bill was thick, it had too many numbers to the left of the decimal point, and you’re feeling somewhat ashamed. You should be saving money, not […]

Springs’ debt collectors comfortable with their calling

Debt collection might be one of the most maligned professions in the country, but it’s one that manages to keep thousands of small businesses afloat and pumps billions of dollars into the economy each year. It’s easy to see why debt collectors get such a bad rap. Whether they are third-party guns for hire or […]

Big tax breaks for big companies a big problem, say small businesses

Small business owners say corporate tax loopholes give the nation’s biggest companies an unfair business advantage. A survey of its members, the American Sustainable Business Council, Main Street Alliance and the Small Business Majority reports that small business owners favor increasing taxes on millionaire incomes, letting high-end tax cuts expire and closing the carried-interest loophole […]

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