C4C: Clock ticking, time for progress

Nearly 500 days ago, actually 70-plus weeks, Colorado Springs celebrated a momentous victory. On the wintry morning of Dec. 16, 2013, in Denver, the Colorado Economic Development Commission voted unanimously to approve state tax funding assistance through the Regional Tourism Act to help finance City for Champions. Little did anyone realize at the time what […]

In the end, mayoral finalists on same page in some ways

John Suthers and Mary Lou Makepeace might not have a lot in common, but they shared remarkably similar levels of surprise Tuesday night. From their reactions, it felt like they just had seen, without warning, the ending of a movie that they assumed to be far from over. Suthers, with the uncharacteristic giddiness of a […]

Timing is right to help transform city

As we prepare for a new mayoral administration in Colorado Springs, along with (hopefully) a more cooperative City Council and new guidance at the Regional Business Alliance, the timing looks good for business, civic and political leaders to coalesce in support of fresh, aggressive and ambitious ideas. Please take note that I didn’t say “new” […]

Museums, arenas shine if done right

For a good chunk of February, a driving vacation took me back to my roots, visiting Arkansas and coming back through Texas, seeing family and friends at various stops. But though this trip wasn’t about work, I couldn’t avoid noticing some tourist attractions along the way, especially how they might relate to what’s going on […]

Charting the best path for tourism

Look at the comparative numbers, showing how little the Pikes Peak region spends to market its tourism industry in relation to other cities, and one can’t help but cringe. As you see in the accompanying news story, the Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau has decided to turn anecdotal information into solid statistical data, setting […]

Downtown momentum picks up steam

By some measures, the Downtown Partnership’s progress report last week to the local business community might have come across as lacking in immediate news value. Granted, there were no blockbuster headlines created by the periodic event known as the “Downtown Lowdown,” happening this time at Centennial Hall and taking full advantage of El Paso County’s […]

Martin takes small wins, but what’s next?

Throughout her eight years on the Colorado Springs City Council, Jan Martin has tried to take the high road — even when it wasn’t the popular way to go. She has believed strongly in the need for dealing with stormwater. She feels the city’s residents should be convinced to pay more (yes, in taxes) to […]

Local economy feels healthier to start 2015

Last Friday night, we went out to eat at Fujiyama, one of the many popular restaurants downtown on Tejon Street. Given that Colorado College was playing a home hockey game, and various other entertainment options were available to start the weekend, we didn’t expect to see much in the way of crowds. As we sat […]

Governor’s task starts with infrastructure

John Hickenlooper began his second four-year term as Colorado’s governor this week, and in his inaugural address Tuesday, he followed his usual script — personal, self-effacing, humble yet fully optimistic. He didn’t specifically mention Colorado Springs. But then again, the governor’s approach wasn’t built on laying out the benefits, past and future, for any certain […]

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