C&D: the war of words just causing confusion

Dear Editor, There have probably been more words written about Referenda C and D than any other ballot issue in recent history – so many that most people seem to be totally confused, turned off and angry. While the pro side tries to make it understandable with too much verbiage, the opponents call it a […]

Electronic checks can save time and money

The check might no longer be in the mail – or for that matter in a truck or on an airplane. Thanks to new federal legislation and technology, checks are increasingly being scanned and sent electronically to banks for payment. The law, called Check 21, gives digital images of checks the same validity and legal […]

Tough to feel sorry for some Katrina victims

It appears that the adage that no good deed goes unpunished is true. The good deed I’m referring to is the federal government issuing $2,000 debit cards to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The punishment is that some of those victims have decided that it’s their right to spend the money at designer boutiques and […]

Reality check needed on 9/11 loan reporting

Dear Editor: On the heels of recent distorted reports in some publication about a special post 9/11 loan guarantee program administered by the Small Business Administration, it’s time for a reality check. In the interest of setting the record straight, let me point out that the SBA had a disaster recovery, low-interest loan program in […]

PERA's problems real but in no way unique

State employees – and taxpayers, in general – are rightly concerned about the long-term health of the Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA). Unfortunately, PERA’s predicament isn’t unique. In fact, it’s entirely too typical among public pension plans nationwide. A Wilshire and Associates survey of state retirement systems found that a stunning 93 percent don’t […]

What if Pikes Peak turned into a volcano?

New Orleans CityBusiness is a sister publication of the Colorado Springs Business Journal. Its publisher, Mark Singletary, is my group publisher. Mark got out of New Orleans on one of the last flights before Hurricane Katrina with his laptop and some server back-up tapes. After setting up office at our newspaper in Baltimore, he is […]

Mountain Post Historic Center closer to reality

Last week an important document was signed right here in the CSBJ conference room. The contract turns over responsibility of planning and designing the Mountain Post Historical Center to HB&A, a locally based planning and design company. HB&A seems to be a pretty good fit to me since one of its architects is a retired […]

New Internet job domain will energize hunting, filling

A new Internet domain, recently approved for international use, will substantially alter the use of computers for both job hunting and recruiting. A fine example of the right idea at the right time, this emerging alternative innovation will enhance the capacity for employers and candidates to find each other. Under current conditions, people interested in […]

Getting a little body work for a good cause

The outpouring of donations and aid from the business community to the victims of Hurricane Katrina has been remarkable. Both nationally and locally, it seems that just about everyone is stepping up to the plate to help. I’ve received dozens of faxes and e-mails from businesses small and large announcing their plans to contribute to […]

Developmental disability system needs yes on C

Dear Editor: Colorado commits only $2.41 per $1,000 of statewide aggregate personal income in support of babies, children and adults with developmental disabilities. (For perspective, Colorado’s six bordering states invest an average of $4.50 per $1,000; the national average is $3.94 per $1,000.) Since July 2001, El Paso, Park and Teller counties have grown in […]