Career in gridlock? Change your GPS

Like many others, you may struggle with a stalled career or lack of personal and professional growth. The prospect of initiating change is daunting. This is particularly true if you’re looking for a job, wanting to change companies or start a new career. When times are good, you charge forward on autopilot without much thought. […]

Is incivility making your workplace toxic?

The flip side of the “jobless recovery” is increased stress for those who still have jobs. Workers are being asked to do more with fewer resources than ever before. There is a disconnect between what employees need and what employers think they need. Incivility is epidemic. Workplace incivility aggravates every other workplace problem. It is […]

How to avoid getting hit by Wage and Hour

Employers, HR directors and payroll managers have a lot on their plate with compliance. It’s extremely difficult to stay up on all the changes and details of local, state and federal employment compliance topics. Wage and Hour investigations might not be as familiar as OSHA or IRS audits, but their notoriety is increasing due to […]

When hiring employees, what’s your plan?

It’s no secret that in the business community, companies often experience difficulties finding qualified people to fill open positions. Will the candidate go the extra mile? Will the potential employee stick around or jump ship? Will they be able to perform the specific job needed for my unique brand? Those are many questions managers ask […]

Telecommuting hot topic after Yahoo CEO nixes it

The web exploded Wednesday morning with news that Yahoo CEO told employees no more telecommuting. CEO Marissa Mayer sent a memo to Yahoo employees saying she was instituting a no work from home policy. Everyone had an opinion. NBC reported that 13.4 million people worked from home at least part-time during a typical week in […]

Texas firm buys Springs HR company

A Texas-based group has acquired Aspen Resource Partners, a Colorado Springs-based professional employer organization. Resourcing Edge, based in Rockwall, Texas, announced that it is combining assets with the Colorado Springs-based company. “This is a pivotal effort that accelerates our solutions strategy to offer even greater value to our clients,” said Ted Crawford, Resourcing Edge CEO. […]

Companies report difficulty filling jobs

Despite the weak job market, two thirds of about 100 U.S. companies say they can’t fill key positions, according to Right Management, a recruitment service for Manpower Group. Seventy percent of organizations reported they found it hard to recruit for certain jobs, while 25 percent said it was somewhat difficult. “The latest findings are consistent […]

Workers believe networking key to promotion, survey says

There may be some credence to the old adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” At least 44 percent of employees surveyed by Right Management, a career management group within Manpower Group, think that’s true. According to the survey, more workers believe “who you know” is more important than job performance in […]

Springs employers anticipate salary increases in 2013

Employers in Colorado Springs anticipate giving workers a 2.1 percent salary increase next year, according to an annual survey from the Mountain States Employers Council. That’s lower than the state average of 2.5 percent, but projected increases are higher than those predicted for 2010 and 2011. Nearly 500 employers participated in the survey and represented […]

U.S. employees have the least vacation days

When it comes to employee holiday entitlements, U.S. employees are lucky to get 15 days vacation and a lump of coal in their stockings. The U.S. is among the least generous countries when it comes to paid holidays, according to data from a global human resource consulting firm. U.S. federal law does not mandate pay […]