Emails shed light on dismissed Council employee

Thanks to a CORA request filed by Colorado Springs media, the city has released all emails to, from, or regarding George Culpepper, the recently hired and abruptly terminated Council legislative assistant. Most of them are routine workplace communications (e.g., “George, your IPhone and IPad are ready for you to pick up.”), but some may give […]

Twelve Days of Christmas, Colorado Springs style

At the mischievous suggestion of a certain elected official, who must remain anonymous, here’s a new version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. It’s a joint effort, meant to summarize a year of Council/Mayor interactions…don’t take it too seriously! Just for comparison, here’s the original (as written in 1780): On the twelfth day of Christmas, […]

CVB, RBA win full funding amid Council’s overrides

“It’s been a great week!” said Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO Doug Price, reacting to City Council’s decision Wednesday morning to sustain Mayor Steve Bach’s veto of a proposed $1.3 million cut in the organization’s budget, following on the heels of the state Economic Development Commission’s support of the City for Champions proposal. […]

National travel industry publication covers local dustup

National travel industry publication covers local dustup

Here’s a quick look at our quarrelsome city political landscape from the website of “Meeting and Conventions Magazine.” And following is yet another blistering email from Broadmoor Hotel CEO Steve Bartolin to City Council. City Council Slashes Colorado Springs CVB Budget by Sarah J.F. Braley | December 11, 2013 According to local news reports, the […]

Bach’s vetoes set up battle with Council

In a sweeping series of vetoes Wednesday morning, Mayor Steve Bach challenged most of City Council’s proposed changes to his 2014 city budget. Bach vetoed Council’s $1.3 million cut to the budget of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, as well as the elimination of funding for the Regional Business Alliance. He also vetoed Council’s decision […]

King maneuvers to find authorship of Council emails

It’s always fun when the buzzing of media mosquitos so annoys the powerful that they react inappropriately – especially when you, as the mosquito in question, manage to avoid getting slapped. But it’s not so much fun when the official’s action may not be merely inappropriate, but possibly unethical. Last weekend I got wind of […]

‘Council’s Your Neighbor’ to be City Council motto

It’s hard to resist having fun at the expense of Keith King and City Council. That said, here’s the latest product of Council president King’s fertile mind: a “Marketing Plan” for City Council, apparently combined with a decision timeline for 2014. In writing it, King was clearly affected by the blowback from the latest adventures […]

City Council, Broadmoor at odds over funding decisions

City Council, Broadmoor at odds over funding decisions

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: A majority of the Colorado Springs City Council members are aggressively anti-business. That’s the only conclusion you can draw from Tuesday’s council meeting. Thanks to the Feckless Five (Council President Keith King and Councilors Helen Collins, Don Knight, Joel Miller and Andy Pico), Council stripped away funding […]

City body-slams EPS in response to Regional Tourism Act analysis

City body-slams EPS in response to Regional Tourism Act analysis

Attorneys representing clients in the courtroom are guided by a simple set of rules: If the facts are with you, pound the facts; If the law is with you, pound the law; If neither the facts nor the law support your client, pound the table! The city’s response to the third-party analysis of the administration’s […]

City for Champions stadium plans moving away from baseball

Apparently, at least for now, the Colorado Springs Sky Sox won’t be moving to a new downtown stadium after all. City leaders are revising their application to the Colorado Economic Development Commission for funding through the Regional Tourism Act, and the state EDC has given Colorado Springs an extra two days to respond to the […]

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