Mayor-to-be Suthers sets new tone for city

John Suthers stepped onto the Gold Room stage Tuesday night, waiting for a two-man band to wrap up its version of the classic song “Johnny B. Goode,” knowing that he’d never have another chance so perfectly gift-wrapped to begin walking the talk as Colorado Springs’ officially anointed mayor-to-be. The crowd of about 300 supporters already […]

Submitting PERA bill late part of strategy?

At midnight Wednesday, the Colorado legislature adjourned sine die, as law requires. As in past years, the legislative session began with fervent promises of bipartisanship from both parties yet featured partisan squabbling over base-pleasing legislation introduced by Democrats and Republicans alike. The legislature nevertheless managed to pass the state budget well before the end of […]

Bennett, Gaebler elected to top Council positions

Bennett, Gaebler elected to top Council positions

Keith King knew his time as president of the Colorado Springs City Council was about to end, so he chose diplomacy over a battle Tuesday afternoon. King nominated at-large Councilor Merv Bennett to become the new president, Bennett quickly was approved in a 9-0 vote, and just like that, the Council’s leadership changed hands in […]

Words of advice for Council candidates

During my brief career in politics, I ran for office on four separate occasions. In 1989, I ran for the District 20 school board and lost. Two years later, I ran for an at-large City Council seat and barely made it, taking the fourth and final position by a few hundred votes. Four years later, […]

Yes, government should help create jobs

Here’s a profoundly irritating campaign trope, to which most of our council/mayor candidates seem to subscribe: “Governments don’t create jobs — companies, entrepreneurs and people create jobs. The role of government is to remove obstacles to business and stick to the basics — public safety, infrastructure and parks!” That sounds great on the campaign trail, […]

Don’t forget the ballot issues

Most registered voters in Colorado Springs should have received their ballots for the 2015 municipal election, giving you ample time — until Tuesday, April 7 — to make the choices and mail or submit completed ballots. As in the past, the Business Journal isn’t endorsing candidates in contested races, which for this election include the […]

Manitou administrator brings new approach

Manitou administrator brings new approach

More than 20 years ago, traveling from New Hampshire to California, Jason Wells stopped in Denver to visit a friend. As is the story for many transplants to Colorado, Wells fell in love with the state, the weather, the people, and says he’s “still visiting.” He earned his bachelor’s degree, law degree and a master […]

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