Apple fans: Company is more than Steve Jobs

Apple fans: Company is more than Steve Jobs Apple fans and would-be customers seemed to agree that while Steve Jobs’ charisma and innovative genius is one-of-a-kind, the company he built will survive without him. After he resigned as CEO of the iconic gadget maker, Jobs was not the topic of conversation. On the display computers […]

Colo. fee holiday for out-of state businesses

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler is offering a fee holiday for out-of-state businesses. For three months starting Sept. 1, the Secretary of State will temporarily reduce fees from $125 to $1. The Secretary of State’s office is almost exclusively funded through business filing fees, but he says his office can absorb the fee reduction […]

Payroll City’s secret to success: software

For several years Payroll City was a one-woman show run by its owner Kathleen Fox. She had about a dozen Colorado Springs clients and was zipping through their payroll needs. But, she grew frustrated when she couldn’t find a computer program that produced all the spread sheets and kept the data the way she wanted. […]

Peak Venture Group wants to hear your pitch

Peak Venture Group is launching a new program this month that aims to tap into the hearts and spirits of budding entrepreneurs. The group, which has provided mentorship to up-and-coming entrepreneurs since 2000, is hosting a series of “Pitch Nights” – non-threatening nights where people with business, invention or product ideas can come, make a […]

Local drug-testing business eyeing 200 nationwide franchises

The drug testing business is booming, and local drug-screening company Conspire2Hire is set to expand into four states by year’s end. Conspire2Hire, which began selling franchises in 2010, sold its second franchise to an operator in Fort Worth, Tex., which is scheduled to open Sept. 1. The Texas drug-testing business will open in an industrial area, […]

Business could be responsible for customers’ Wi-Fi use

Small businesses could be held legally responsible if customers use Wi-Fi internet access for illegal downloads. That’s the word from the National Federation of Independent Business, which noted that record labels and movie studios struck a deal this month to issue warnings to Internet providers whose accounts are used to steal content. Small businesses that […]

Crane software sees lift in national business

SpectWare owners Eric and Tabitha Skinner were en route to the biggest construction expo in the country and their stomachs were in knots. They were about to debut their new crane inspection management software, SpectWare Pro, to 120,000 experts in the crane and rigging industry at the March 2011 ConExpo in Las Vegas. Everything they […]

Utilities looking for businesses to work on SDS

Colorado Springs Utilities is looking for a few good businesses to work on the Southern Delivery System. The municipal utility is hosting its annual business opportunities workshop Thursday, July 14 from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Leon Young Service Center, 1521 Hancock Expressway. The free event will give subcontractors the chance to meet […]

Commentary: The small business paradox

Among the many reasons budding entrepreneurs start their small businesses is to gain a level of control over their product or service that can’t be found in the larger corporate environment, and to generate financial independence and schedule flexibility. Once the new venture begins to gain success, the paradox introduces itself. The challenge of managing […]