The global economy and local stress

There are those, like Thomas Friedman of the New York Times, who want us to get over our economic gripes about outsourcing and realize that by the 21st century things are “Made in the World.” Forget about where something is made, and get used to the fact that the global economy is here to stay: […]

Tips for communicating effectively at work

Technology is wonderful in most areas of our life. Yet there are some aspects where using advanced technology may not be the best route. There are times at work when we miscommunicate because of technologically-based assumptions. We assume that our emails went through, that our slides were attached, that the texts were received, or that […]

Should the city be run like a business?

On Valentine’s Day, of all days, I went to the mayor’s press briefing. Listening to the gripes of some journalists — do you really want the minute by minute calendar of the mayor? — I was struck by one participant who admonished the mayor that “the city is not a business.” It’s obvious that the […]

New TV business models via the Internet and entrepreneurs

Ever have a favorite television show cancelled despite there being plenty of good stories left to tell? Or how about a series with real potential but never getting the chance to flourish? These things infuriate TV viewers. But broadband, high-speed Internet should provide the answer, right? Mention the Internet, and the entrepreneurs among us see […]

Is cloud computing good for your company?

On Friday, my new computer arrived in the mail. And it is awesome –467 gig hard drive, 8 gigs of RAM, 3D NVIDIA screen resolution, an Intel 2.5 GHz processor … I couldn’t wait to set it up. So Friday night I tore open the box and started uploading all of the files from my […]

Love your data, but don’t overanalyze it

It happened again today: I received another tearful call from a marketing director whose boss refuses to read her marketing analysis reports. Because he won’t read them, she is sure she’ll be fired. And her strategy for keeping her job is to prove her worth through creating even more spreadsheets and numerical analysis instead of […]

Who’s in charge at the Regional Building Department?

On Jan. 12, the following questions were e-mailed to Sharon L. Brown, chairwoman of the Board of Commissioners of the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. As of press time no answers had been received. “1. What is the role of the RBD’s board and why is it constituted in the way it is? 2. What […]

Would you hire any of the candidates?

Memo to: U.S. Business Community From: Human Resources Department Re: Hiring a U.S. President In response to your request to assess the candidates for the position opening in January 2013, we have put together a job description, and offer key points on the five major candidates seeking the position. Job description: While this position requires […]

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