Is it Van Briggle? Here’s how to tell
“We have to keep them, because they’re Van Briggle tiles,” said Kevin O’Neil, showing off the historic tile adorning part of the 1917 Santa Fe Railway Station, which O’Neil is repurposing as a collaborative workspace called Catalyst Campus. Clumsily renovated into office space during the early 1980s, the station... Read more
Technology tells old stories
Before 500 attendees at the Pioneers Museum’s annual fundraising breakfast on Aug. 27, museum curator Leah Davis Witherow unveiled what may be the most exciting Colorado Springs startup since … well, perhaps since General Palmer’s survey crew drove the city’s first stake at what is now the southeast corner... Read more
Hill Climb Experience supercharges museum visits
One year ago this weekend the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Experience opened at El Pomar’s Penrose Heritage Museum. The heritage museum originally opened in 1941, blocks from its newest iteration, which is located just across the street from The Broadmoor Hotel. It exhibits a variety of unusual transit modes,... Read more
Then and now: Changing with the times
When the El Paso County Courthouse was completed in 1902, the building’s clock tower was a favorite perch of local commercial photographers. Their photographs, many available in the Pikes Peak Library District’s digital archives, show an urbanist’s dream. It was a dense, low-rise, busy, eminently walkable city. Everything was... Read more
Anthony heads east, delves into Colorado Springs arts scene
Having started a career in archaeology in her home state of California, nothing on Nicole Anthony’s resumé hinted at her future in the arts. She attended a STEM-centric high school in Carson, graduated with a degree in anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley and worked on projects... Read more
In the rarefied world of fine art and antiques, there are museums, wealthy collectors, high-level dealers, auction houses and, at the bottom of the pecking order, “pickers.” The latter include folks who haunt garage sales and auctions looking for stuff to list on eBay as well as sophisticated connoisseurs... Read more
Skelton: Art before his time
Serious artists have always found it difficult to make a living by marketing their work. Most find it necessary to have a real job, be it teaching, bartending, house painting or anything that helps make ends meet. And artists may not be naturally entrepreneurial, preferring to focus on their... Read more
City could lay claim to ‘dangerous’ work
What’s the most dangerous painting in America? There are plenty of candidates, including Chris Ofili’s The Holy Virgin Mary and Andrés Serrano’s Piss Christ. Both have come under attack from conservatives, citing the artists’ deliberately blasphemous depictions of sacred subjects. Yet unless you know what materials the artists used,... Read more
Millibo Art Theatre keeps people smiling
It is the first day of the summer camps for children at the Millibo Art Theatre, and Executive Clown and Director Jim Jackson asks the instructor, “How’s it going?” “Really messy!” “Great!” said Jackson with his ever-present smile. In their course titled Messy Fun Camp, children aged 7 to... Read more
Squash Blossom: Westside cornerstone
The Squash Blossom gallery’s humble beginnings occupied 350 square feet of kiosk space at the Antlers Hotel in 1973. Owners John and Patti Cogswell moved operations to roomier digs the following decade after purchasing the building that now houses the gallery at 2531 W. Colorado Ave. The Cogswells also... Read more